Frequently Asked Questions

When I sign up for the Free Trial, when will I be charged? First time users of the free trial receive access to the Member Area for 1 full week to evaluate our stock pick service before being charged.  Free trial users will not be billed until after the completion of the week, allowing them to cancel at any time before then to avoid ever being billed.  Staying on as a member past the first week is a commitment to become a paying member for the term you selected and you will continue to receive our standout stock pick service until you cancel your subscription.  We offer no refunds, no prorated memberships, no exceptions.  Only one free trial is allowed per household, so if you have signed up in the past you will not be eligible for another free trial and your 2nd signup will result in an immediate payment without a refund.

I see that your newsletter shows entry prices, but where are the exits posted? Every Bandit Blueprint stock newsletter pick is shown with a chart, commentary, and at a minimum the specific entry price.  Exit prices for all plays are listed on the Swing Candidates table at the bottom of every single report, which includes stop and target levels.  These exits are based on the Swing Trading Strategy page.  While different traders have different timeframes and tolerance for risk, you are entirely free to choose your own exit prices, as we post the exits as a guide for good money management.  Entries are uniform because they are the prices which confirm that a stock is on the move in the expected direction.  Some swing traders expect larger moves over several days or weeks, while shorter-term traders may wish to simply take profits on the initial moves.  Selecting an exit plan should involve what is best for you, and the Stock Trading Strategy page is the best place to start.

What order types do you prefer? A basic stop order is best for entering positions if the aim is not to miss a trade. This is due to the market order generated once price trades at or through the ‘stop’ price. This order may at times involve some slippage, but it will always result in a fill. Those who are concerned about too much slippage can use a ‘stop limit’ order, which allows for a price designation (the ‘stop’ portion) at which point a limit order is then generated. This ensures a max amount one is willing to pay to enter a position. The bracket order is the ideal order for swing trades, as it allows for the entry, stop loss, and profit-taking orders all in one complex order. We prefer the entry as a ‘stop’ order, the stop loss as a ‘stop’ order, and the profit-taking order as a ‘limit’ order. We have additional info if you would like to learn more about order types.

What is your track record and where can I find it? We do not keep a “model portfolio” and therefore an exact return cannot be calculated accurately.  If you have further questions regarding past performance, please contact us.

How long do I follow the Bandit Blueprint picks? Each Bandit Blueprint newsletter swing stock is updated nightly on the Swing Candidates list at the bottom of every report.  Stocks are removed from the list when we no longer intend to trade them due to being stopped out after an entry or the pattern/setup having failed before a trade was triggered.  Some stocks may remain on the list for several days before they trigger, as some need a few days before they start to make their moves.  The Swing Candidates table shows all new and current picks which still have valid technical chart patterns for trading, so keeping an eye on that table is the best way to know when it’s time to scratch a stock off your watch list.

When can I expect to get my Bandit Blueprint newsletter? The nightly newsletter is posted to the site typically by about 6pm EST, and is accessible to members only.  This allows traders time during the evening to select which picks they want to integrate with their trading strategy prior to the following day’s market open.  The Bandit Blueprint is published 4 nights per week, from Sunday through Wednesday nights.  You will receive an emailed version of it at the time it is published.  Additionally, we have the weekly Charts on Demand video where Jeff reviews your stocks as a member to discuss the technicals, key levels, etc.

How are the Bandit Blueprint stocks selected? We keep several watch lists in our TC2000 charting software, some of which contain core trading lists and others which are dynamic with different stocks each day that meet our criteria.  All of these stocks share characteristics such as volume, volatility, and minimum share price.  These lists are filtered by custom criteria to determine the final candidate list which is screened more closely in search of only the best chart patterns.  Read more about Finding Chart Patterns in our Trading Education area, or check out our trading courses for in-depth training.

Is The Stock Bandit ever compensated in any way for listing stocks in the Bandit Blueprint Newsletter? Absolutely not!  We are never compensated for listing or mentioning any stock in the Bandit Blueprint newsletter.  We also are only interested in trading stocks that have plenty of liquidity, which are not the kind of stocks which can be manipulated.  We want to recognize what the big money is doing, and hop on for a ride – but only after key technical levels have been crossed.  Therefore, we are not looking to create a move, but instead to identify when a move is taking place and then participate in it.

Do The Stock Bandit employees position themselves in stocks prior to listing them in the Bandit Blueprint newsletter? Absolutely not!  We trade just as the Bandit Blueprint newsletter suggests, waiting for the trigger prices to enter positions.  We do indeed take the trades, but only once the trigger price listed in the Bandit Blueprint newsletter has been met.  We strongly believe that these stocks are not worth owning until they move beyond their trend lines and trigger the entry price.  A stock below a trend line or resistance level is not on the move, and therefore we have no interest in owning stocks which are not moving up!  We want confirmation that a stock is on the move with a penetration of the trend lines shown in The Bandit Blueprint before entering positions.

Can I pay my subscription by check? Yes, you may pay your subscription by check.  There are problems associated with the mail, as well as the additional legwork required to cash checks and wait for them to clear at the bank, which is why we prefer to collect payments electronically via PayPal or credit card on our website.  If you wish to pay by check or money order, send your payment made payable to The Stock Bandit, Inc. at the address shown on the contact us page.  Please include your email address and preferred username & password so that we can contact you once your payment has been received.

How do I cancel my subscription? We hope you never do!  However, when you feel you need to cancel, follow these steps:

PayPal users:  Simply login to your own PayPal account and view your recent history.  Click “Details” beside your last payment to us.  The next page will have a “Cancel Subscription” button which will do the trick.  You must do this in order to end your subscription to, as an email notification to us may cause a delay.  Remember, when you cancel there are no refunds (no exceptions).

Credit Card users:  Simply login to your member profile at this link where you can edit your information and manage your account (including cancellation of subscription).

How secure is my personal information when I sign up? When you sign up for a free trial or for membership to, you can be sure that we use only the most secure processes to collect your information.  Our security certificate is issued by GeoTrust, a worldwide leader in online security.  Your contact information is never distributed to any other person or party, and is for the sole use of The Stock Bandit, Inc. for the purpose of keeping track of membership durations (see our Privacy Policy).  When you become a paying subscriber, all membership management is done by you, and you can change your information whenever you wish.  Please see our Privacy Policy page, or contact us with any questions.

Why does the free trial require payment authorization? Free trials are easily abused online so we verify every user, whether through PayPal or our credit card processor, to limit free trials to one per person (or one per household).  This is not for the purpose of payment but rather to limit free trials to one per user.

How can I change my credit card information? Follow the steps below in order and it is easy to change the credit card your subscription is billed to.

PayPal users:
1.  Login to your PayPal account and go to the “My Account” section.
2.  Click on the “Profile” subsection and add your new credit card.
3.  Go to your subscription and change it to use the new credit card.
4.  Go back to the “Profile” subsection and delete the old credit card.

Credit Card users:
1. Login to your member profile at this link.
2. Update your billing info.