Trader Coaching

Jeff White

Jeff White

Educating traders is the aim of everything we offer here at TheStockBandit, from our premium stock newsletter to our stock trading courses.  And while the value provided through those products is truly exceptional, some traders find that some extensive 1-on-1 coaching would also greatly benefit them in their unique situation.

That’s why we offer Bandit Mentorships, whereby you’re coached in a tailor-made fashion.  Though this program, you’ll spend time directly with me, Jeff White.  I’m the founder of TheStockBandit and have been a professional full-time trader since 2000.

I’ve endured every kind of market along the way, and I’ve been fortunate enough to excel in a variety of trading styles.  My expertise will be at your disposal.  I’ve also been training traders around the globe since 2004 when TheStockBandit was first launched.

What to Expect

When you enroll in the coaching program, you’re taking a huge step – and so am I.  My time is valuable to me as a trader, a family man, and a business owner.  Likewise, I don’t take your commitment lightly, and therefore you’ll get my undivided attention for the time we will spend together.

Our appointments will take place in a virtual setting, and during them we’ll get clear on which mistakes you’re making most frequently, which kinds of moves you’re missing out on, and we’ll lay out a course of action to change it.  We’ll discuss daily preparation, where to be placing your attention, the setups best-suited for you, and much more.  You’re going to walk away with a custom-designed trading plan for your unique needs.

Who Is This For?

This coaching program is not for everyone.  It is not for new traders (if that describes you, we created the Basic Trading Course specifically with you in mind).  This coaching program is designed for traders who have some experience in the markets but currently need some direct help in reaching the next level.  This way, my time and your money are best spent on the topic at hand:  helping you become a better active trader.

Coaching Packages

We offer 2 different programs for coaching based upon your unique situation:

2-Week:  $1197.00 $897.00

In the 2-week program, we’ll have 4 sessions together which are 30 minutes each to address your specific needs and help you improve your trading approach.

4-Week:  $1997.00 $1497.00

In the 4-week program, you can choose between 4 1-hour sessions, or 8 30-minute sessions to address your specific needs and help you improve your trading approach.

Contact us now for more details if you still have questions!