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Insights from a Professional Trader

Hello, I’m Jeff White, the founder and President here at  I’ve been trading the markets actively since 1998 and full-time since 2000, and I love it.  Sharing my thoughts with members here at helps to keep me on track with my own trading and sharp when it comes to locating new trade ideas.  It also forces me to make decisions about my trading plans every night and stick with them the following market day.  That keeps my discipline in check, but it also provides me with an ongoing opportunity to interact with the other traders here.

New free videos and posts are published regularly, usually a few times per week, and it’s a great way to get a better understanding of the trading methods used and taught here.  The aim is to provide you with something useful for your own trading through a short video or a trading article.  They’re to the point, fun and informative.  Plus, they’ll help keep you on track in the current market environment!

Kick Our Tires Before the Test Drive

If you haven’t already started your membership or are considering taking the Free Trial, the free videos are a good place to begin to see what we’re all about.  Our full subscription features nightly trade ideas and in-depth market analysis through the Bandit Broadcast newsletter (see a sample of our premium stock newsletter), but in the free videos I discuss many of the core concepts which are so crucial to trading success.  Be sure to register for it on the form above, and watch your inbox for frequent updates (you can opt out anytime).  You’ll stand to gain some key ideas for improving your own trading – all for free!

We look forward to trading with you,

Jeff White
President, The Stock Bandit, Inc.