Swing Trading – Recent Stock Picks and Trades

Here are the swing trades we’ve taken recently from The Bandit Blueprint nightly trading report, along with our exits and the performance of each.  It’s quite easy to see that trading these stocks with us can very feasibly pay for your entire membership with the rest being gravy.

As you can see, we do have losing trades, but we keep our losses small when they occur so that our wins easily overcome them.  The proper management of risk is what produces the profits for us, so why aren’t you trading with us?  Every month we provide our members with a steady flow of trading ideas on both the long and short sides of the market, along with a thorough explanation of why.  If you could make money, improve your trading techniques and save time, wouldn’t you start right away?

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Bandit Blueprint Swing Trade Results:

This is what trading with an edge looks like!

We’ve found that losses are easy to overcome if you keep them small, and that’s the foundation of the Bandit trading method.

It’s all about having a disciplined approach which eliminates emotion.  Strategic selection of stocks and the application of technical analysis helps us locate opportunities and manage our risk.  Having a positive expectancy in trading makes all the difference, as even a small edge can translate into serious profits. Just take a look at the trade-by-trade results:

Here you’ll find that we do have losing trades and never claim perfection – it’s profits we’re after, and month after month we’ve found them.  Some months we’re more active than others, and some months are better than others, but over time, consistency is our goal and we take what the market has to offer.

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