Bulletproof Home(builders)

Nasty day today out there, no question about it.  Worst day of 2012 for the DJIA, and new correction lows everywhere you look.

Well….almost everywhere.

Everywhere but the homebuilder stocks I should say.  They’re holding up like champs.  Are these things bulletproof?

I’m not suggesting that, but they dodged a missile today.  If these aren’t already on your radar, they should be.  Check out a few of these charts.

KBH gave up less than 1% today and is sitting just shy of recent trendline resistance:

Why I Use TC2000

LEN finished green on the day while the S&P gave up 33 and is facing breakout territory:

Why I Use TC2000

PHM gave up a few cents but stayed in its recent consolidation zone, it’s holding up great:

Why I Use TC2000

RYL isn’t quite breaking out but finished the day down just a couple pennies, holding within its base:

Why I Use TC2000

I’ll of course be sharing my trades on these and anything else I’m stalking inside the Member Area.

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Jeff White
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