Stock Market Articles

These stock market articles cover a wide range of topics, from general trading ideas to advanced stock trading strategies.  In your quest for trading success, we hope that you will find these stock market articles helpful to your growth and adaptation as a trader.  Keep checking back often as more stock market articles and stock trading articles are being added all the time!

Technical Analysis Articles

How I Select Trades
Why Technical Analysis?
Finding Stocks to Trade
Trend Lines: Good Areas to Buy Stocks
Downtrending Stocks – Don’t Buy!
Do Your Homework
Triple Bottom Pattern
Trend Line Extensions
Seeing the Future?
Trend Lines Often Need Adjustments
When to Use Line Charts

Trading Psychology Articles

Swing Trading Education
Getting Prepared for the Trading Day
My Typical Trading Day Routine
Stay Positive in a Negative Market
Resisting Urges
Trading Success Depends on You
Confucius Say
The “D” Word
When I Turned the Corner
Don’t Lose the Lesson!
Focus on the Process Now, Results Later
Trading: Art or Science?
Should You Trade that Stock?
The Difference Between Positive Thinking and Denial
Pet Stocks
Dealing With Idle Time as a Trader
Trading Without Emotion
Trading Your Personality
The Do-Not-Trade List
Trading Goals – 5 Steps Toward Reaching Them
The Learning Curve
Starting Over
My Biggest Trading Fear
Another Definition of Trading
Don’t Forget Your Game Face
The Flip Side
Little Things
5 Expensive Words
Very Superstitious
Headed for the Beach!
Get A Grip!
It’s A Fine Line
Keep it in Perspective
Slay Your Trading Giants
3 Signs You Have a Pet Stock
4th and Goal
How Competitive are You?
The 2nd Worst Feeling in Trading
Being Right vs. Making Money
Getting Ready for 2007
Two Freebies to Start 2007 Right
Trading Intentions vs. Trading Actions

Stock Chart Reviews

GOOG – Big Move Potential
What A Breakout Looks Like
Still Ugly!
What A Short Squeeze Looks Like
Parabolic Uptrend: IIIN
I Love A Good Deal
Gotta Love Second Chances!
5 IPO’s and How to Trade Them
The Welcomed Return of Emotion
The Day After
Slow Movers Can Be Steady

Stock Market Commentary

Why Upside Has Been Limited
The Slow Drift
I’m Really Pumped About This
Minor Changes Make Major Differences

Stock Trading Tips

The Losing Streak – Lighten Up!
Trading Strategies – What’s Right for You?
When to Adopt a Day Trading Strategy
When to Adopt a Swing Trading Strategy
The Best of Both Worlds
Day Trading ETF’s
Short Selling in a Strong Market
Diversification for Traders
Goal Number 1
Averaging Down
Trading on Margin
When to Trade Aggressively
Silence is Golden
Simplify Your Trading Layout
Watch Trades for Clues
It’s All About Personality
Day Trading Headlines
Trading Without A Trend
The View from the Hammock
Jeff White Interviewed at Stocktickr
Too Thin to Win
Keep it Rolling
How Much?
How to Grow Your Trading Account, Part 1
How to Grow Your Trading Account, Part 2
One Method for Profiting in this Tricky Market
One-Question Interview at StockTickr
Hidden Benefits of a Large Watch List
How to Get Short
Cash IS a Position!
Multiple Timeframe Charting
Trading Multiple Positions
3 Keys to Buying Dips
3 Ways to Improve Your Holiday Trading
Pressing the Big Button
3 Signs You’re Trading Too Big
Proper Positioning for Traders
Learning From Trading Mistakes

Trade Management Articles

Selling on the Way Up
When to Raise Stops
Selling Your Stock – When and Why
Stop It!
Keep It Orderly

Tools of the Trade

My Trading Hardware
Life-Savers: CyberTrader Alerts & Templates
Direct Access Trading & Hotkeys
Trade-Ideas Pro
Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Stocktickr Trading Journal
Worden’s TeleChart and TCNet
How I Use Worden’s TeleChart 2007
Worden SnapSheets – A Look at the Future
StockTickr Does it Again
Look Out IB!
The Best Way to Upgrade Your Hardware
Trading Lessons & Worden TeleChart

Memorable Trading Quotes

Small Mistakes = Small Consequences
Intuition or Into Wishing?
Good Stuff From Gartman
Changing Gears
Check Your Rolex
HOPE is Not a Trading Strategy
Day Trading: The CNBC Debate
Book Review: Anatomy of the Bear

Great Expectations Series

Great Expectations Series – Introduction
Great Expectations Series – Personal Inventory
Great Expectations Series – Blending Your Style With the Current Environment
Great Expectations Series – The Edge of Greatness
Great Expectations Series – The Road Map
Great Expectations Series – The Other Side of Discipline
Great Expectations Series – Eyes on the Prize
Great Expectations Series – The Chameleon Trader
Great Expectations Series – Conclusion

Trading & Golf Series

Trading & Golf Series – Introduction
Trading & Golf Series – One Shot (Trade) at a Time
Trading & Golf Series – Never Force It
Trading & Golf Series – Perfection Isn’t Required
Trading & Golf Series – Conservative Confidence
Trading & Golf Series – Be Specific
Trading & Golf Series – Have a Routine
Trading & Golf Series – It’s Not How, It’s How Many
Trading & Golf Series – Be Honest With Yourself
Trading & Golf Series – Expectations Can Be Harmful
Trading & Golf Series – Goals Are a Must
Trading & Golf Series – Practicing is Different Than Playing
Trading & Golf Series – Embrace Your Own Style
Trading & Golf Series – Always Room to Improve
Trading & Golf Series – Grind It Out
Trading & Golf Series – Miss ’em Close!
Trading & Golf Series – Great Equipment Won’t Make You Great
Trading & Golf Series – Like it or not….